Birds of Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, Kansas

TitleBirds of Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, Kansas
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsZimmerman, JL
JournalThe Prairie Naturalist
Pagination185 -192
Accession NumberKNZ00103
Keywordstallgrass prairie

Since 1972, bird species on the Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, a Nature Conservancy site administered by the Division of Biology at Kansas State University, Manhattan, have been recorded throughout the year on a weekly basis and their relative abundances noted. While virgin tall-grass prairie covers most of the 3486-ha area, some lowlands have been cultivated, and a gallery of forest of oak and hackberry borders the lower reaches of the major stream courses. Through 1984, 199 species have been seen on the site; direct evidence of breeding has been obtained for 59 species