Breeding bird censuses in the Flint Hills of Kansas

TitleBreeding bird censuses in the Flint Hills of Kansas
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsKnodel, JJ
JournalAmerican Birds
Pagination69 -70
Accession NumberKNZ0027
Keywordsbird, breeding, Flint Hills

The following 4 breeding bird censuses were conducted on the Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, a native bluestem prairie characterized by flat-topped uplands with steep flint-bearing limestone and shale. The soil on the ridge is shallow and rocky, defying cultivation. The uplands slope downward to streams from underground springs or valleys with deep permeable soil. Commercial cattle grazing is the major use. A number of burning and mowing treatments are being studied to approximate the pre-settlement ecosystem; 2 censuses were on annually burned prairie; 2 on unburned prairie. Precipitation average 3.09 inches in June and 5.5 inches in July. Temperatures ranged from 65-86 F