Bryopyhtes on Konza Prairie Research Natural Area

TitleBryopyhtes on Konza Prairie Research Natural Area
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsMerrill, GL
EditorBragg, TB, Stubbendieck, J
PublisherUniversity of Nebraska Press
Conference LocationLincoln, NE
Accession NumberKNZ00246
Keywordstallgrass prairie

Fifty-eight species of mosses (37 genera, 18 families) and 4 species of liverworts (3 genera, 3 families) are reported from Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, a 3,487- hectare tallgrass prairie preserve in northeastern Kansas. Factors affecting the growth and persistence of bryophytes on the prairie are discussed. The occurrence of bryophytes in presettlement tallgrass prairies was probably influenced by natural disturbance due to grazing and recurring fire