Controlling experimental bluestem prairie fires

TitleControlling experimental bluestem prairie fires
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsHulbert, LC
EditorGlenn-Lewin, DC, Landers, RQ
Pagination169 -171
PublisherIowa State University
Conference LocationAmes, IA
Accession NumberKNZ0023
Keywordsbluestem, fire, prairie

Procedures are described that have been developed for experimental burning of 10 to 20 ha watersheds on Konza Prairie Research Natural Area in bluestem prairie near Manhattan, Kansas. First the fuel supply is reduced by July mowing and haying. In the autumn or spring fire guards about one meter wide are burned around the boundary of each watershed by burning between strips of metal edged with a band of chains which are pulled behind a tractor. Fire swatters and power water pumps are used to extinguish any fire that is left as the metal strips pass. At the time of the main burn two crews proceed in opposite directions from the middle of the leeward side. The fire is started next to the fire guard, with the crews ready in case the fire escapes. By the time the fire is started on the windward side, the fire has burned some distance back from the fire guard on the leeward side. The system works well in reasonable weather conditions