Data entry

TitleData entry
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsBriggs, JM, Benson, BJ, Hartman, M, Ingersoll, R
EditorMichener, WK, Porter, JH, Stafford, SG
Book TitleData and Information Management in the Ecological Sciences: A Resource Guide
PublisherLong-Term Ecological Research Network Office, University of New Mexico
Accession NumberKNZ00623

One of the many issues that an information management specialist must consider is the need to convert data into a usable electronic format. This frequently means converting data collected in the field, usually on paper, into an electronic form that can then be used in a statistical or graphical package by the researcher. The purpose of this paper is to present guidelines that we have found useful in making this conversion as quick and error-free as possible.