Emlen transects in Kansas habitats

TitleEmlen transects in Kansas habitats
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1977
AuthorsZimmerman, JL
JournalKansas Ornithological Society Bulletin
Pagination18 -21
Accession NumberKNZ0020
Keywordshabits, kansas, transect

The Emlen strip census (Emlen, 1971, 1972) is becoming more and more widely used as a means to measure bird populations, particularly in environmental impact assessment programs. This method has the advantage of being rapid, applicable to a wide variety of habitats, and usable during all seasons of the year. Yet the data produced are only estimates of relative density and hence of minimal value for comparisons between sites and seasons and not usable at all in attempts to determine community biomass densities. Absolute densities can be derived only if empirically determined correction factors (coefficients and detectability) are calculated. Emlen (1971) hypothesized that these coefficients might be species-specific for a given habitat at a given season. If this hypothesis were true and standard coefficients determined, the cost for bird population census work would be decreased and its value in the description of ecological communities would be enhanced