GIS01: GIS Coverages Defining Internal Boundaries of Konza Prairie (1977-present)


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This dataset defines the internal boundaries of the Konza Prairie Biological Station (KPBS). Data type one (GIS010) is a record of all fenced areas on KPBS with GIS011 providing locations for all gates and type of gate (exterior, bison, and cattle). Data type three (GIS012) represents various large-scale research areas on Konza including bison grazed, cattle grazed, fire reversal, etc.These data are available to download as zipped shapefiles (.zip), compressed Google Earth KML layers (.kmz), and associated EML metadata (.xml).

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Konza Fences: The internal fenced area on Konza Prairie.

Compressed Google Earth KML layers for GIS010.

Konza Gates: This datset is a spatially explicit record of the internal and external gates on Konza Prairie. Gates are found in boundary fences, cattle fences, and bison fences.

Compressed Google Earth KML layers for GIS011.

Konza internal research areas: The core long term research at Konza is located in six geographically distinct regions of the LTER site. Those regions are represented here, they are the bison grazing, cattle grazing, fire reversal, seasonal burning, Kings Creek watershed, and headquarters regions.

Compressed Google Earth KML layers for GIS012.






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Saturday, January 1, 1977 to Saturday, December 31, 2016

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Friday, January 1, 2016