Grasslands of the North American Great Plains

TitleGrasslands of the North American Great Plains
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsHenebry, GM
EditorSchwartz, MD
Book TitlePhenology: An Integrative Environmental Science
Pagination157 -174
CityNew York
Accession NumberKNZ00836
KeywordsAnthesis, Great Plains, tallgrass prairie, transient maxima hypothesis

The study of appearances of growth, development, and senescence in grassland communities is not an enterprise commonly pursued. Phenology of mid-latitude grasslands is, nevertheless, too large and diverse a collection of phenomena to cover within a single chapter, as it ought to embrace at once the vast Kazakh steppe, the chalk grasslands of southern England, and myriad other grassy landscapes. Thus, the view here shall be on the grasslands of the North American Great Plains, with particular reference to the tallgrass prairie as a type model.