New technologies for remote sensing of ecosystem change in rangelands

TitleNew technologies for remote sensing of ecosystem change in rangelands
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsWessman, CA, Schimel, DS, Archer, SR, Bateson, CA, Braswell, BH, Ojima, DS, Parton, WJ, West, NE
Conference NameRangelands in A Sustainable Biosphere
Pagination139 -142
Accession NumberKNZ00576

The collective area of rangelands, 40-50% of the global land surface, presents significant logistical challenges for obtaining ecological data for large, heterogeneous areas quickly, cheaply and with a significant level of accuracy. The use of remote sensing for rangeland monitoring and scaling up from plot to region is reviewed. A major challenge in remote sensing applications lies with assessing ecosystem function from spectral measurements of ecosystem structure. New methods which may assist in the identification and tracking of rangeland response to management practices at the regional scale and provide information on vegetation structure at the continental scale are described. On-going attempts to develop a coupled remote sensing rangeland ecosystem modelling approach for monitoring structure and quantifying energy flow and nutrient cycling are described and examples using Konza Prairie, Kansas, USA data are given