Principles and Standards for Measuring Net Primary Production

TitlePrinciples and Standards for Measuring Net Primary Production
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsFahey, TJ, Knapp, AK
Series EditorFahey, TJ, Knapp, AK
Series TitlePrinciples and Standards for Measuring Net Primary Production
Number of Pages268 -
PublisherOxford University Press, NY
Accession NumberKNZ001123
Keywordsbelowground, biomes, carbon cycle, Ecosystems, remote sensing, uncertainty

Standardized approaches for the measurement of primary production — the rate of energy storage in the organic matter of plants — are essential to facilitate scientific comparisons and syntheses as well as policy and management on global climate change and the carbon cycle. This book provides an overview of the principles that should underlie every program of measurement of primary production in the Earth's major biomes. Each of seven biome-based chapters provides an overview of essential features of primary production processes in the biome and detailed descriptions of the procedures used to quantify primary production in grasslands, shrublands, forests, peatlands and tundra, salt marshes, marine pelagic, and freshwater ecosystems. Recent advances in the measurement of belowground production in terrestrial biomes are described. The book also provides detailed guidelines for information management based upon current experiences of the US Long-Term Ecological Research network. Advanced techniques are described for scaling up empirical measurements of primary production using remotely-sensed information. Finally, the principles and practices for quantifying uncertainty in primary production measurements are explored using examples from various biomes.