Satellite remote sensing and field experiments

TitleSatellite remote sensing and field experiments
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsSellers, PJ, Hall, FG, Strebel, DE, Asrar, GA, Murphy, RE
EditorHobbs, RJ, Mooney, HA
Book TitleRemote Sensing of Biosphere Functioning
Pagination169 -201
CityNew York, NY
Accession NumberKNZ00296

The past few years have seen an increasing pressure brought to bear on biologists to apply their research efforts to larger spatial scales. The motivation for this pressure has scientific as well as sociopolitical roots. First, from the science viewpoint, it has become apparent that satellite-based and atmospheric observing techniques can allow researchers a different view of biospheric functioning by spatially integrating the effects of biospheric states and fluxes, respectively, at moderate cost