RIV03 Channel morphology in streams in wooded riparian areas and areas before and after canopy cutting at Konza Prairie


Our project was designed to test if woody removal in a riparian zone allowed the system to rebound to a grassland stream state. We hypothesized that removal would increase stream width due to increased erosion without plant cover.

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Channel morphology transects were surveyed in 2011 and resurveyed in 2019 in watersheds N2B (7 transects) and N1B (8 transects) as in Grudzinski and Daniels (2018). Briefly, we established permanent cross-sections in each watershed, spaced at about 20 m intervals. We surveyed each cross-section with a surveyor's level and leveling rod at 15.2 cm spatial resolution. Bank-full width (w) was measured for each transect and cross section depth (d) was calculated by averaging all depth measurements across the bank-full width. The w:d was determined by dividing the bank-full width by average cross section depth and channel area was determined by multiplying bank-full width by average cross section depth.

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