RIV04 Moss cover in streams in wooded riparian areas and areas where canopy had been cut at Konza Prairie


Our project was designed to test if woody removal in a riparian zone allowed the system to rebound to a grassland stream state. We hypothesized that removal would increase light and decrease moss biomass.

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We surveyed in-stream moss cover upstream of the weirs on watersheds N2B and N4D in May of 2011 (immediately after the cutting treatment) during baseflow and 8 Jan 2021 under dry conditions. Briefly, a 1/4 m2 quadrat was randomly placed within the active stream channel every 6 meters along the stream channel until 10 transects in the main channel of N2B and N4D were sampled. The square quadrat had a grid with 50 equally sized sub-quadrats and proportion of moss cover was estimated for each sub-quadrat. The data are represented as the proportion of moss cover.


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