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Title Investigator Date Range
PBG12 Konza Stream Geomorphology in the Patch-Burn Grazing experiment at Konza Prairie Bart Grudzinski, Dr. Melinda D. Daniels
RMP01 Rainfall manipulation plot study at Konza Prairie Dr. Melinda D. Smith, Dr. Scott L. Collins, Dr. John M. Blair 1997 to 2012
SPR01 Sequential prairie restoration experiment at Konza Prairie Dr. Sara G. Baer, George Manning 2010 to 2016
VIR01 Effects of invertebate and vertebrate herbivory on tallgrass prairie plant community composition and biomass, Konza Prairie LTER Dr. Kimberly La Pierre, Dr. Melinda D. Smith, Dr. Anthony Joern 2009 to 2016
WAT01 Konza Prairie Long-Term Irrigation Transect Study Dr. John M. Blair 1991 to 2016