GIS50 Coverages Defining the Konza Producer Data Sample Locations (1982-present)


These data show the sample locations for datasets pertaining to primary production at Konza Prairie. These data reference various treatments across Konza including varying burn frequencies, belowground plots, patch burn, exclosures, etc.Record type one (GIS500) contains sample locations for estimated standing crop biomass in various burning-grazing treatments (PABXX). Record type six (GIS505) contains sample locations for peak foliage biomass measured at the belowground plot experiments (PBBXX).Record type 11 and 12 contain the transect (GIS510) and plot (GIS511) locations for plots in the patch-burn experiments (PBGXX). Record type 16 (GIS515) contains the locations of exclosures used to sample primary productivity in bison grazed watersheds (PEB01). Record type 21 (GIS520) contains the locations of exclosures used to sample primary productivity in cattle grazed watersheds (PEB01X). Record type 26 (GIS525) contains the locations of sample sites for litterfall (PGLXX) collectors in the gallery forest. Record type 31 (GIS530) contains species composition transects, and (GIS531) provides locations for species transect plots in the patch-burn experiments for Konza Prairie. These data may be used in conjunction species composition (PVC01 and PVC02), primary production in grazing exclosures (PEB01, PEB01_X), soil chemistry and bulk density (NSC01) and primary production (PAB01).

These data are available to download as zipped shapefiles (.zip), compressed Google Earth KML layers (.kmz).

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Information relevant to the GIS data encoding

Estimates of standing crop biomass (grams per square meter) of live graminoids, forbs, woody plants, and previous year's dead vegetation for 2 soil types (shallow and deep) and various burning-grazing treatments are made at the coordinates contained in this dataset. This data may be used in conjunction with the Aboveground primary production on fire frequency treatments (PABXX) datasets for spatially explicit analyses of these data.Horizontal Coordinate System Name:Transverse Mercator

Datum: D North American 1983
Reference Ellipsoid: Name: GRS 1980 Semi Axis: 6378137.0
Meridian: Greenwich
Projection Name : Transverse Mercator

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