GIS22 GIS Coverage Defining Soils (SSURGO) on Konza Prairie (1982-present)


The Konza Prairie soils dataset is derived from the USDA NRCS SSURGO soils definitions for Riley and Geary Counties (variant ca. 2012; The coverage contains MUSYM and Soil Names that correspond to the code. Additional and current SSURGO data is available from ( Associated metadata derived from NRCS SSURGO Metadata for: Riley County SSURGO Data - Geary County SSURGO Data

These data are available to download as zipped shapefiles (.zip), compressed Google Earth KML layers (.kmz), and associated EML metadata (.xml).

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Konza Prairie Soils contains 1:24,000 soils polygons for the Konza Prairie Biological Station. The coverage was created by clipping and joining SSURGO quad coverages. MUSYM code differences across the Riley/Geary county line were reconciled to the Geary Co. code designations. These data originated from SSURGO certified coverages. This data set is a digital soil survey and generally is the most detailed level of soil geographic data developed by the National Cooperative Soil Survey. The information was prepared by digitizing maps, by compiling information onto a planimetric correct base and digitizing, or by revising digitized maps using remotely sensed and other information. This data set consists of georeferenced digital map data and computerized attribute data. The map data are in a 7.5-minute quadrangle format and include a detailed, field verified inventory of soils and nonsoil areas that normally occur in a repeatable pattern on the landscape and that can be cartographically shown at the scale mapped. A special soil features layer (point and line features) is optional. This layer displays the location of features too small to delineate at the mapping scale, but they are large enough and contrasting enough to significantly influence use and management. The soil map units are linked to attributes in the Map Unit Interpretations Record relational database, which gives the proportionate extent of the component soils and their properties. This data coverage circa 2005. Additional and current SSURGO data is available at: Coordinate System Name:Transverse Mercator

Datum: D North American 1983
Reference Ellipsoid: Name: GRS 1980 Semi Axis: 6378137.0
Meridian: Greenwich
Projection Name : Transverse Mercator

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