Konza Prairie LTER Featured Graduate Student - Katy Silber

Katy Silber is a PhD student in the Division of Biology at Kansas State University.
Katy came to K-State after earning her B.S. in Animal Science at the University of Vermont and working on a Common Loon behavioral and translocation study in New England.

In 2019, Katy joined Dr. Alice Boyle’s lab to research the mechanistic drivers behind local grassland songbird abundance. She uses both field and lab procedures to investigate the effects of precipitation on grassland songbird physiology, behavior, and population dynamics. If you’re interested in Katy’s research, send her an email at ksilber@ksu.edu.

Katy serves as the Konza LTER graduate student representative for the LTER Network.

When Katy is not working, she likes to eat, sleep, and explore local natural areas.