Konza Prairie News

Recent woody vegetation publication featured in K-State Today

"Trajectories and state changes of a grassland stream and riparian zone after a decade of woody vegetation removal" has been published in Ecological Applications and featured in K-State Today.

KPBS director, Blair, featured in climate change video

John Blair, director of Konza Prairie Biological Station, describes research related to the impact of a changing climate on tallgrass prairie ecosystems. He speaks with Rex Buchanan, director emeritus of the Kansas Geological Survey.

Data Nugget showcases KNZ LTER data

A recently released Data Nugget entitled "Does more rain make healthy bison babies?" features KNZ LTER research.

Bison research featured on NPR

Bison grazing on native prairie for three decades transformed the landscape, allowing wildflowers to thrive that can feed legions of bees and butterflies.

Keen earns honors at K-State's Research and the State

KNZ LTER PhD student, Rachel Keen, was one of 10 graduate students to earn honors at K-State's Research and the State event. Keen is a member of Dr. Jesse Nippert's lab at KSU.

KSU biology postdoc received AAUW fellowship

Nikole "Koley" Freeman, a postdoc researcher in Dr. Alice Boyle's lab, is the recipient of the American Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellowship from the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Freeman, is working with Boyle and Trevor Hefley (associate professor of statistics), to understand how wild birds are responding to storms and shifting weather patterns.

Reintroducing bison doubles plant diversity in tallgrass prairie

A Kansas State University-led study has found that reintroducing bison doubles plant diversity in a tallgrass prairie. The research involves more than 30 years of KNZ LTER data and was recently published in PNAS.

The research team was lead by KNZ LTER investigator Zak Ratajczak. Other KNZ LTER researchers included Jesse Nippert, John Blair, Allison Louthan, Scott Collins, Sally Koerner...

KNZ LTER investigator, Blair, featured in USA Today

Konza Prairie Biological Station director, John Blair, was featured in a recent USA Today article.

KNZ LTER Undergrad named KSU Biology most promising student

KNZ LTER undergraduate student, Kalea Nippert, was named one of KSU Division of Biology's most promising students. Nippert is a sophomore majoring in biology and environmental science. She works as a research technician.

KNZ LTER grad student earns honorable mention

KNZ LTER graduate student, Greg Tooley, earned a NSF National Graduate Research Fellowship honorable mention. Tooley's research focuses on the mechanisms that enable woody scrubs to successfully encroach the Kansas tallgrass prairie.

Tooley is a member of the Nippert lab.