Konza Prairie News

Reintroducing bison doubles plant diversity in tallgrass prairie

A Kansas State University-led study has found that reintroducing bison doubles plant diversity in a tallgrass prairie. The research involves more than 30 years of KNZ LTER data and was recently published in PNAS.

The research team was lead by KNZ LTER investigator Zak Ratajczak. Other KNZ LTER researchers included Jesse Nippert, John Blair, Allison Louthan, Scott Collins, Sally Koerner...

KNZ LTER investigator, Blair, featured in USA Today

Konza Prairie Biological Station director, John Blair, was featured in a recent USA Today article.

KNZ LTER Undergrad named KSU Biology most promising student

KNZ LTER undergraduate student, Kalea Nippert, was named one of KSU Division of Biology's most promising students. Nippert is a sophomore majoring in biology and environmental science. She works as a research technician.

KNZ LTER grad student earns honorable mention

KNZ LTER graduate student, Greg Tooley, earned a NSF National Graduate Research Fellowship honorable mention. Tooley's research focuses on the mechanisms that enable woody scrubs to successfully encroach the Kansas tallgrass prairie.

Tooley is a member of the Nippert lab.

Konza's declining grasshopper population featured on State Impact Oklahoma

State Impact Oklahoma covered Konza's declining grasshopper population and researching surrounding the issue for both radio and print media.

Konza art featured at School of Art Institute of Chicago exhibit

Work by Konza artist, Erin Wiersma, and Katie Kingery-Page was included in the School of Art Institute of Chicago exhibit, "Earthly Observatory" from August 30 - December 3, 2021.

KNZ LTER Research highlighted in ESA LTER Special Issue

Konza LTER research is highlighted in the ESA Ecosphere LTER Special Issue, Slow Research to Understand Fast Change. The issue highlights how LTER research generated new understanding in 5 key areas.

Konza Prairie's 50th anniversary celebrated in K-Starter

Konza Prairie is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. K-Stater, the alumni magazine of KSU, featured Konza Prairie in its latest edition.

Sullivan is AGU Section Awardee

Konza LTER investigator, Pam Sullivan, has been named an 2021 AGU Hydrologic Sciences Early Career Awardee. Dr. Sullivan is a professor at Oregon State University.

Nippert lab article recognized

A recent article, "Spatio-temporal differences in leaf physiology are associated with fire, not drought, in a clonally integrated shrub", authored by several current and former members of Dr. Jesse Nippert's lab was selected as the Editor's Choice by AoB Plants. Co-authors are Emily Wedel, Kimberly O'Keefe, Jesse Nippert, Braden Hoch, and Rory O'Connor.