Konza Prairie News

Nippert will present the latest climate change forecasts
Jesse Nippert will give a public lecture at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019 in 231 Ackert Hall.
13 year old Upland Sandpiper spotted on Konza

An Upland Sandpiper, banded thirteen years ago by Brett Sandercock, was photographed this past summer back on Konza.

Nippert receives three NSF awards

KNZ LTER PI, Jesse Nippert, receives three new NSF awards for grassland ecology research.

Baer to lead Kansas Biological Survey

KNZ LTER investigator, Sara Baer, will become the new director of the Kansas Biological Survey on August 18. As part of her position as director, she also will hold the title of state biologist.

Boyle is 2019 Jenkinson Award Winner

Konza LTER investigator, Alice Boyle, has been presented with the 2019 Marion Jenkinson Service Award by the American Ornithological Society.

Dodds and Whiles publish 3rd edition of textbook

KNZ LTER PIs, Walter Dodds and Matt Whiles, have published the third edition of their widely popular textbook, "Freshwater Ecology: concepts and Environmental Applications of Limnology."

Dodds was also recently named an inaugural fellow of the Society for Freshwater Science for his contributions to freshwater science.

Connell recognized at K-State GRAD Forum

KNZ LTER doctoral student, Kent Connell, received first place at the K-State GRAD Forum. The GRAD Forum provides graduate students from all discipline an opportunity to share their work with the K-State community. University faculty and postdoc judges select a winning presentation from each session.

Alice Boyle melds research and music for sci-com project

Konza LTER investigator, Alice Boyle, writes and performs music inspired by her research. As a member of the bluegrass duo Kaw Creek, Boyle will perform across Kansas this spring and summer.

Gido honored with Fisheries Excellence Award

Konza LTER investigator, Keith Gido, was recently honored with the Fisheries Excellence Award from the North Central Division of the American Fisheries Society.

KNZ artist, Erin Wiersma's work presented in KC

The Mid-America Arts Alliance will present Erin Wiersma's work for First Friday, on March 1, in Kansas City's Crossroads Arts District. Wiersma's work is created by dragging pieces of paper along the floor of the burned sections of Konza Prairie.