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K-State educator’s children’s book tells story of bison calf born at Konza Prairie

MANHATTAN — A children’s book written by a Kansas State University environmental educator aims to teach children about the tallgrass prairie ecosystem. “The Autumn Calf” by Jill Haukos, director of education for the Konza Environmental Education Program, tells a true story of a newborn bison calf born at the Konza Prairie Biological Station in fall 2012, according to a news release. A herd of...

Konza birds featured in national bird magazine

During spring 2015, creative writing graduate student Saraiya Kanning traveled from Tucson AZ to the Konza Prairie to try to fall in love with the "little brown jobs"... the cryptic, brownish sparrows that make the prairie their home. After spending several days shadowing Konza researcher Alice Boyle, she discovered not only the subtle beauty of one of our most common bird species, but also...

Congratulations to Melinda Smith, who has been elected an ESA 2017 Fellow

Congratulations to Melinda Smith, who has been elected for her seminal contributions to understanding environmental drivers of grassland community structure through field experiments, cutting-edge genomics, and collaborative synthesis.

'Shrew'-d advice: Study of Arctic shrews, parasites indicates how climate change may affect ecosystems and communities
Andrew Hope, Kansas State University research assistant professor in the Division of Biology, and his colleagues across the U.S. have published "Shrews and Their Parasites: Small Species Indicate Big Changes" in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's 2016 Arctic Report Card. The study indicates an expansion in the range of the forest-dwelling masked shrew in Alaska, while the range...
Alice Boyle tracks grasshopper sparrows

Alice Boyle, assistant professor of biology, is studying the movements of grasshopper sparrows, songbirds that weigh only about 17 grams and nest on the ground in Flint Hills tallgrass prairies as well as other grassland areas in the United States.

K-State biologist to discuss challenges for maintaining tallgrass prairie ecosystems
John Briggs, professor of biology and director of the Konza Prairie Biological Station, will give a public lecture at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 9, in 328 Waters Hall. Briggs will present some of the threats causing large-scale transformation of tallgrass prairie grasslands to savanna-like ecosystems.
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LTER VII Proposal available online
LTER VII (2014-2020) proposal is available online, we are currently addressing new research themes and questions in LTER VII.