Organic Matter

Data Set Title Investigator Date Range
GIS45 GIS Coverages Defining the Konza Nutrient Data Sample Locations (1982-present) Dr. Zak Ratajczak 1982 to 2019
GIS55 GIS Coverages Defining the Konza HQ Irrigation System (1982-present) Dr. Zak Ratajczak 1982 to 2019
NPL01 Litterfall inputs to soil surface in watersheds with different fire treatments Dr. John M. Blair 1981 to 1991
NSC01 Chemistry and physical characteristics of soils from Konza LTER watersheds with different fire and grazing treatments Dr. John M. Blair 1982 to 2020
OMB01 Microbial biomass in the Belowground Plot Experiment at Konza Prairie (1989-1999) Dr. Charles W. Rice 1989 to 1999
OPD01 Konza Prairie standing dead and litter decomposition (1981-1983) Dr. John M. Blair 1982 to 1983
PBG10 Soil physical and chemical characteristics in the Patch-Burn Grazing experiment at Konza Prairie Dr. John M. Blair 2010 to 2020
PGL01 Litterfall collection in riparian gallery forest at Konza Prairie Dr. Jesse Nippert 1981 to 2021
PRW01 Fine root density and turnover based on root window observations Dr. John M. Blair 1986 to 1989
RCS01 Recovery and relative influence of root, microbial, and structural properties of soil on physically sequestered carbon stocks in restored grassland at Konza Prairie Drew Scott, Dr. Sara G. Baer, Dr. John M. Blair 2013 to 2017
RIV05 Leaf mass in streams in wooded riparian areas and areas where canopy had been cut at Konza Prairie Dr. Walter K. Dodds 2010 to 2020
SIC01 Isotopic composition of select archived soil cores from Konza Prairie Dr. Kent Connell, Dr. Jesse Nippert, Dr. John M. Blair 1982 to 2015
SMB01 Variation in soil respiration and bacterial community due to species-specific plant-soil history at konza prairie Dr. Kent Connell, Dr. Lydia Zeglin, Dr. John M. Blair 2015 to 2017
SMP01 Spatial variation of soil microbial processes under Cornus drummondii shrubs of varying size at Konza Prairie, 2017 Dr. Kent Connell, Dr. Rory O'Connor, Dr. Jesse Nippert, Dr. John M. Blair 2017
WAT01 Konza Prairie long-term irrigation transect study Dr. John M. Blair 1991 to 2022
WAT02 Climate legacies determine grassland responses to future rainfall regimes Caitlin Broderick, Kate Wilkins, Dr. Melinda D. Smith, Dr. John M. Blair 2017 to 2020
WAT04 Root decomposition and nutrient dynamics are resistant to rainfall legacies in tallgrass prairie Caitlin Broderick, Dr. John M. Blair 2019 to 2021