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RecYearRecYearPhysical quantityYear of record
RecMonthRecMonthDate/timeMonth of record
RecDayRecDayDate/timeDay of record
SeasonSeasonNominalRound of survey
TransnumTRANSNUMNominalTransect number(#7 & 11 invalid)
WatershedWATERSHEDNominalwatershed (S00A-Shane Creek,G00A-North branch of Kings Creek, L00A-Lower Kings Creek)
ObsnumOBSNUMNominalObservation number
SpecnameSPECNAMENominalSpecies name
AOUcodeAOUCODENominalStandardized 4-letter alpha code for bird name
Common nameCOMMONNAMENominalStandardized common name of bird
DistanceDISTANCEPhysical quantityPerpendicular distance to observed
SexSEXNominalSex of bird m-male f-female u-unknown
StatusSTATUSNominalResidency status code
CommentsCOMMENTSNominalFor obsnum=1, includes start and end time
TimeTIMENominalFor obsnum=1, start and end time of survey (CT)
DurationDURATIONNominalFor obsnum=1, duration of survey
ObserverOBSERVERNominalFor obsnum=1, person who conducted bird survey
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