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RecYearDate/timeYear of record
RecMonthDate/timeMonth of record
RecDayDate/timeDay of record
SoilCode listsoil type
TrtCode listtreatment
ScarbLPhysical quantitynumber of Scarabaeidae beetle larvae
ScarbAPhysical quantitynumber of Scarabaeidae beetle adults
ClarvPhysical quantityChrysomelid, Weevil, misc herbivorous larvae
CicadaPhysical quantitynumber of Cicada nymphs
WirePhysical quantitynumber pf Wireworms
PredLPhysical quantitynumber of Predaceous beetle larvae, carabids, etc
MillpdPhysical quantitynumber of Millipedes
CentpdPhysical quantitynumber of Centipede
MeloidPhysical quantitynumber of Meloidae
LepLPhysical quantitynumber of Lepidoptera larvae
SowPhysical quantitynumber of Sow bugs
PredAPhysical quantitynumber of adult beetles (predators)
OtherPhysical quantitynumber of others (cockroaches, ets.)
MherbPhysical quantityof Misc herbivores (e.g. adult chrysomelids) start 1983
MdetPhysical quantitynumber of misc detritivores (e.g. bibionidae larvae) start 1983
EarthPhysical quantitynumber of earthworms. start 1983
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