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RecYearRecYearPhysical quantityYear of record
RecMonthDate/timeMonth of record
RecDayDate/timeDay of record
SoilNominalsoil type
RepNominalreplication of transect
DepthPhysical quantitydepth
pHPhysical quantityph
BrayPPhysical quantitybray p
NaPhysical quantityNa
KPhysical quantityK
MgPhysical quantityMg
CaPhysical quantityCa
TotalCPhysical quantityTotal C
TotalNPhysical quantityTotal N
NH4Physical quantityNH4
NO3Physical quantityNO3
CECPhysical quantityCation exchange capacity
CaCO3Physical quantityCalcium carbonate
SO4Physical quantitySO4
ZnPhysical quantityZn
CuPhysical quantityCu
FePhysical quantityFe
MnPhysical quantityMn
BDPhysical quantityBD
H2OPhysical quantityH2)
SandPhysical quantitysand%
SiltPhysical quantitysilt%
ClayPhysical quantityclay%
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