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DataCodeNominalDataset code
RecTypeNominalRecord type
RecYearPhysical quantityYear of record
RecMonthDate/timeMonth of record
RecDayDate/timeDay of record
SoiltypeCode listsoil type tully, florence, or irwin
TransectNominaltransect (A, B, C, D, or X)
PlotnumPhysical quantityplot number (1-5 or 1-20 on 001a and 020a)
LvgrassPhysical quantitymass of live grass (g/0.1m2)
ForbsPhysical quantitymass of forbs (g/0.1m2)
CuyrdeadPhysical quantitymass of current years dead (g/0.1m2)
PryrdeadPhysical quantitymass of previous years dead (g/0.1m2)
WoodyPhysical quantitymass of woody (as of 24 aug 1992) (g/0.1m2)
CommentsNominalComments on data collection
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