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DatacodeNominaldataset code
RecTypeNominalRecord type
RecYearPhysical quantityYear of record
RecMonthPhysical quantityMonth of record
RecDayPhysical quantityDay of record
PlotPhysical quantityplot number (1-64)
ReplicateNominalcode A or B
BurnNominalburned (B) and unburned (UB) treatment
MowNominalmow (M) and unmow (UM) treatment
NutrientCode listnutrient treatment
LvgrassPhysical quantitylive grass (g/0.1m2)
ForbsPhysical quantityforbs (g/0.1m2)
CuyrddPhysical quantitycurrent years dead (g/0.1m2)
PryrddPhysical quantityprevious years dead (g/0.1m2)
WoodyPhysical quantitywoody (as of 24 aug 1992) (g/0.1m2)
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