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DataCodeNominalDataset code
RecTypePhysical quantityRecord type
RecYearPhysical quantityYear of record
RecMonthDate/timeMonth of record
RecDayDate/timeDay of record
watershedNominalLocation of data collection
plotPhysical quantityPlot number
LvRhzPhysical quantityLive Rhizomes
NLRhzPhysical quantityNitrogen percentage of live Rhizomes
PLRhzPhysical quantityPhosphorous percentage of live rhizomes
DRhzPhysical quantityDead Rhizomes
NDRhzPhysical quantityNitrogen percentage of dead rhizomes
PDRhzPhysical quantityPhosphorous percentage of dead rhizomes
LForbPhysical quantityLive forbs
NForbPhysical quantityNitrogen percentage of forb (Note: this data represents dead forbs in 1987 and units as grams)
PForbPhysical quantityPhosphorous percentage of forbs
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