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DataCodeNominalDataset code
RecTypePhysical quantityRecord type
RecYearPhysical quantityYear of sample
RecMonthPhysical quantitymonth of record
RecDayPhysical quantityday of record
TransectPhysical quantitytransect (1-11)
LvgrassPhysical quantitymass of live grass (g/0.1m2)
LvgrsePhysical quantitystandard error of live grass
ForbsPhysical quantitymass of forbs (g/0.1m2).
ForbsePhysical quantitystandard error of forbs
CuyrdeadPhysical quantitymass of current year dead (g/0.1m2).
CuyrdesePhysical quantitystandard error of currents years dead
PryrdeadPhysical quantitymass of previous years dead (g/0.1m2).
PryrdesePhysical quantitystandard error of previous years dead
TotalPhysical quantitytotal aboveground biomass (livegrass + forbs + current years dead) (g/0.1m2).
TotalsePhysical quantitystandard error of total aboveground biomass
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