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RecYearPhysical quantityYear of sample
DateDate/timeDate of sample
WatershedNominalWatershed name. Watershed (1D=annual burn replicate D; 4B=4-year burn replicate B; 4F=4-year burn replicate F; 20B=20-year burn replicate B; SpB=annual spring seasonal burn replicate B; SuB=annual or biennial summer seasonal burn replicate B; R1A=reversal burn schedule from 20-year to annual burn replicate A; R20A=reversal burn from annual to 20-year burn replicate A. Reversal treatments were initiated in 2000).
TransectCode listTransect line. N, S, E, W; total transect length is 285m.
TrapStationPhysical quantityTrap Station. numbered 1-20 per linear transect; each trap station is spaced 15m apart; two traps are set concurrently at each trap station; station 1 is always northernmost, station 20 is always southernmost for each transect.
SpeciesNominalSpecies code. PMMA=Peromyscus maniculatus; PMLE=Peromyscus leucopus; REME=Reithrodontomys megalotis; REMO=Reithrodontomys montanus; NEFL=Neotoma floridana; MIOC=Microtus ochrogaster; MIPI=Microtus pinetorum; SIHI=Sigmodon hispidus; CHHI=Chaetodipus hispidus; BLHA=Blarina hylophaga; CRPA=Cryptotis parva; SYFL=Sylvalagus floridanus; DIVI=Didelphis virginiana; ZAHU=Zapus hudsonius; ICTR=Ictidomys tridecemlineatus
SpecimenNo1Physical quantitySpecimen Number 1. 3-digit and 4-digit numbers correspond to ear tag numbers; NA=Not Applicable; generally assigned to escaped individuals.
SpecimenNo2Physical quantitySpecimen Number 2. 3-digit and 4-digit numbers correspond to ear tag numbers; used in the event of multiple ear tags, where the higher number is Specimen Number 2.
VoucherNoNominalVoucher Number. 6-digit number prefixed with NK (eg. NK123456) corresponds to specimen accession number for Museum of Southwestern Biology (University of New Mexico) where voucher specimen materials are being deposited.
RecaptureStatusCode listRecapture Status.
DispositionNominalDisposition. each treatment watershed has one catch-and-release transect (1D-E, 20B-E, 4B-W, 4F-W, R1A-S, R20A-W, SpB-S, SuB-E) and one specimen removal transect (1D-W, 20B-W, 4B-E, 4F-E, R1A-N, R20A-E, SpB-N, SuB-W); generally all specimens from catch-and-release transects are released unless they are found dead in trap or are otherwise collected for specimen voucher purposes; all specimens from removal transects become vouchers.
TotalLengthPhysical quantityTotal Length. measurement (mm) from tip of nose to tip of tail when specimen is laid flat on the back, not including tail tuft; brackets indicate inaccurate or incomplete measurement.
TailLengthPhysical quantityTail Length.measurement (mm) from base to tip of tail when tail is perpendicular to body laid on stomach, not including tail tuft; brackets indicate inaccurate or incomplete measurement.
HFLengthPhysical quantityHind Foot Length. measurement (mm) from heel to tip of longest toe nail on left hind foot.
EarLengthPhysical quantityEar Length. measurement (mm) from ear notch to furthest edge of pinna.
WeightPhysical quantityWeight. measurement (g) of whole body mass.
SexNominalSex. M=Male; F=Female. comments col (M?=putative male, F?=putative female).
AgeCode listAge
ReprodConditionNominalReproductive Condition. S=Scrotal male; NS=Non-scrotal male; C=vagina closed; O=vagina perforated; S=nipples small; E=nipples enlarged; N=non-lactating; L=lactating
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