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IDPhysical quantityID
WatershedNominalWatershed name. Watershed name (1D=annual burn replicate D; 4B=4-year burn replicate B; 4F=4-year burn replicate F; 20B=20-year burn replicate B; SpB=annual spring seasonal burn replicate B; SuB=annual or biennial summer seasonal burn replicate B; R1A=reversal burn schedule from 20-year to annual burn replicate A; R20A=reversal burn from annual to 20-year burn replicate A. Reversal treatments were initiated in 2000).
TransectNominalTransect. N, S, E, W; total transect length is 285m.
TrapStationPhysical quantityTrap Station. numbered 1-20 per linear transect; each trap station is spaced 15m apart; two traps are set concurrently at each trap station; station 1 is always northernmost, station 20 is always southernmost for each transect.
LatitudeNominalLatitude. Latitude downloaded from GPS
LongitudeNominalLongitude. Longitude downloaded from GPS
ElevationPhysical quantityElevation. Elevation downloaded from GPS
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