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RecYearPhysical quantityThe year of data collected
WatershedNominalWatershed name, 4 watersheds: 1D, 1B, 4B, 4F
locationNominallocation, Microclimate sensor stations were established in 10 locations
doyPhysical quantityDay of year
hour_minPhysical quantityTime of day in 30 min intervals
T_airPhysical quantityAir temperature (degC)
Tsoil_5cmPhysical quantitySoil temperature at 5cm depth (degC)
Tsoil_15cmPhysical quantitySoil temperature at 15cm depth (degC)
RH_mvPhysical quantityRelative humidity (mv)
RHPhysical quantityRelative humidity (%)
SBTempPhysical quantityIRT sensor body temp (degC)
ws_msPhysical quantityWind speed (m/s)
SBTemp_cPhysical quantityIRT target temp (degC)
swc1_soilmoisturePhysical quantity10cm depth soil moisture (wfv or m3-m-3)
swc1_conductivity_correctedPhysical quantity10cm depth electrical conductivity (S / m)
swc1_Temp_CPhysical quantity10cm depth electrical conductivity (S / m)
swc1_Temp_FPhysical quantity10cm depth soil temperature (degF)
swc1_real_dialectric_permittivity_correctedPhysical quantity30cm dielectric permittivity (unitless)
swc2_soilmoisturePhysical quantity30cm depth soil moisture (wfv or m3-m-3)
swc2_conductivity_correctedPhysical quantity30cm depth electrical conductivity (S / m)
swc2_Temp_CPhysical quantity30cm depth soil temperature (degC)
swc2_Temp_FPhysical quantity30cm depth soil temperature (degF)
swc2_real_dialectric_permittivity_correctedPhysical quantity30cm dielectric permittivity (unitless)
swc3_soilmoisturePhysical quantity100cm depth soil moisture (wfv or m3-m-3)
swc3_conductivity_correctedPhysical quantity100cm depth electrical conductivity (S / m)
swc3_Temp_CPhysical quantity100cm depth soil temperature (degC)
swc3_Temp_FPhysical quantity100cm depth soil temperature (degF)
swc3_real_dialectric_permittivity_correctedPhysical quantity100cm dielectric permittivity (unitless)
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