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RecyearPhysical quantityRecyear
WatershedNominalWatershed Name
TransectNominalTransect name assigned by Brett. First capital alphanumeric characters = watershed ID. Next lowercase letter = cardinal direction of topographic bolck within watershed (n, s, e, w). Last capital alphanumeric characters = transect ID # ("Core" = regularly surveyed "core" transect per block; "P_" transects are one-time surveyed "peripheral" transects).
TransectNameNominalAlice added this field and updated by matching Brett's transects to the new names assigned to them in 2017 (missing values = transects not continued past 2016)
DirectionNominalCardinal direction from which survey began
DayofYearPhysical quantityJulian date
SurveyDateDate/timeDate formatted more normally from the year and dayofyear fields
StartTimePhysical quantity24-hr time survey began
EndTimePhysical quantity24-hr time survey completed
ObsNominal3-letter initials of observer
StartCloudPhysical quantity% of sky covered by clouds. AB populated this field based on "sky" field in original PBG51 data (0 assigned 15%, 1 assigned 50%, 2 assigned 85%, 3 and higher assigned 100%
SkyPhysical quantity0=clear, few clouds; 1=partly cloudy, scattered or variable sky; 2=cloudy, broken, or overcast; 3=rain; 4-6=fog/smoke; 7=snow; 8=showers (intermittent rain); 9=light rain or drizzle; 10=tree leaf drip
Wind_BeaufortPhysical quantityWind speeds converted to Beaufort scale to integrate into main DB
Wind_SpeedPhysical quantityWind speed average kmh
TempPhysical quantityTemperature in Centigrade
SpeciesNominalSpecies code, 4-letter AOU alpha code
SexNominalSex status. M, F, or MF; "u" or blank if unknown
VdetectionCode listVisual detection. Enter 1 if visual detection, else leave blank
SdetectionCode listSong detection. Enter 1 if song of bird heard, else leave blank
CdetectionCode listCall/alarm detectio. Enter 1 if Call/alarm detectio, else leave blank
AudioOnlyNominalAdded this field and updated based on Sdetection and Cdetection fields. Check yes if the observer only heard and did not see the bird
FlyCode listFly, Enter 1 if flyover only (no distance measured within survey spacce, but bird flew over habitat); else leave blank
FlyoverNominalAdded this field and updated based on FLY. Check yes if the bird did not interact with the watershed other than flying over
FlushCode listFlush. Bird may have been flushed by observer
DistancePhysical quantityDistance. Perpendicular distance (m)
GroupSizePhysical quantityGroup size of birds. Assume "1" of not entered.
NumOfMalePhysical quantityNum Of Male. male birds seen if a group (>1 bird)
NumOfFemalePhysical quantityNum Of Female. Number of female birds seen if a group (>1 bird)
CommentsNominalComments for the survey
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