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RecyearPhysical quantityYear that data was collected
RecMonthPhysical quantityMonth that data was collected
RecDateDate/timeDate that data was collected
DaysSinceMay1Physical quantityThe number of days since 1 May of that year
StrataPhysical quantitysample group
StatusNominalOn for grazed site, Off for site not grazer during observation
BiomassPhysical quantityDried biomass(averaged across three sub-plots) of all vegetation in 0.1 m2 clipping extrapolated to g/m2
CPPhysical quantityGraminoid crude protein content derived from NIRS analysis, percentage
DCPPhysical quantityGraminoid adjusted crude protein content derived from NIRS analysis
WatershedNominalName of bison watershed that sample was collected
GreenPhysical quantityPercentage of green of all vegetation in plot (averaged)
GrassPhysical quantityPercentage of grass in plot (averaged).
ForbsPhysical quantityPercentage of forbs in plot (averaged).
LitterPhysical quantityPercentage of litter in plot (averaged)
BurnNominalWhether or not watershed burned that spring
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