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SeasonNominalearly (spring) or late (fall) stem density value
YearPhysical quantityyear stem density was collected
PlotPhysical quantityplot: needs exact match with spcomp, stemdensity, ANPP tables
SamplePhysical quantitysample: number 1-40
AndroLNominalnumber of live stems of Andropogon gerardii
AndroDNominalnumber of dead stems of Andropogon gerardii
AndroTNominaltotal number of stems of Andropogon gerardii
SorgLNominalnumber of live stems of Sorghastrum nutans
SorgDNominalnumber of dead stems of Sorghastrum nutans
SorgTNominaltotal number of stems of Sorghastrum nutans
SolidagoLNominalnumber of live stems of Solidago canadensis
SolidgoDNominalnumber of ldead stems of Solidago canadensis
SolidagoTNominaltotal number of stems of Solidago canadensis
GrassLNominalnumber of live other grass stems
GrassDNominalnumber of dead other grass stems
GrassTNominaltotal number of other grass stems
ForbLNominalnumber of live forb stems
ForbDNominalnumber of dead forb stems
ForbTNominaltotal number of forb stems
WoodLNominalnumber of live woody stems
WoodDNominalnumber of dead woody stems
WoodTNominaltotal number of woody stems
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