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RecyearPhysical quantityThe year of sample were collected
RecmonthPhysical quantityThe month of sample were collected
RecdayPhysical quantityThe day of sample were collected
RepsiteNominalReplication site for a treatment
SpcodePhysical quantitySpecies code
GenusNominalAbbreviated genus name
SpeciesNominalAbbreviated species name
FirstPhysical quantity# of individuals 1st instar
SecthirdPhysical quantity# of individuals 2nd & 3rd instars
ForthPhysical quantity# of individuals 4th instar
FifthPhysical quantity# of individuals 5th instar
FemalePhysical quantity# of individuals of adult females
MalePhysical quantity# of individuals of adult males
TotalPhysical quantityTotal # of individuals/all samples
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