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AgeCode listRestoration age (number of growing seasons) of the field
PlotPhysical quantityPlot number- Each field contained 4 plots
pLgMacroPhysical quantityPercent large macroaggregates (> 200 μm) by mass
pSmMacroPhysical quantityPercent small macroaggregates (> 150-200 μm) by mass
pMacroPhysical quantityPercent combined macroaggregates (> 150 μm) by mass
CMacroPhysical quantityC stock of macroaggregates (g/m2)
pCMacroPhysical quantityPercent total C in macroaggregates
pMicroPhysical quantityPercent microaggregates (50-150 μm) by mass
CMicroPhysical quantityC stock of microaggregates (g/m2)
pCMicroPhysical quantityPercent total C in microaggregates
pSCPhysical quantityPercent silt/clay (< 50 μm) by mass
CSCPhysical quantityC stock of silt/clay (g/m2)
pCSCPhysical quantityPercent total C in silt/clay
piCPOMPhysical quantityPercent intra-aggregate CPOM by mass
CiCPOMPhysical quantityC stock of intra-aggregate CPOM (g/m2)
pCiCPOMPhysical quantityPercent total C in intra-aggregate CPOM
piSCPhysical quantityPercent intra-aggregate silt/clay by mass
CiSCPhysical quantityC stock of intra-aggregate silt/clay (g/m2)
pCiSCPhysical quantityPercent total C in intra-aggregate silt/clay
piMicroPhysical quantityPercent intra-aggregate microaggregates by mass
CiMicroPhysical quantityC stock of intra-aggregate microaggregates (g/m2)
pCiMicroPhysical quantityPercent total C in intra-aggregate microaggregates
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