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RecYearPhysical quantityYear of record
RecMonthPhysical quantityMonth of record
RecDayPhysical quantityDay of record
RecTimeDate/timetime of record
TempPhysical quantitytemperature at start of sampling
DepthPhysical quantitydepth of sample in centimeters
FilterIDNominalFilter ID
Pre1Physical quantitymass of filter before
Pre2Physical quantityreplicate mass determination
waterPhysical quantitywater in mil
TSS1Physical quantitymass of filter after
TSS2Physical quantityreplicate mass after
VS1Physical quantityass of filter after combustion
VS2Physical quantityreplicate after combustion
TSSPhysical quantitytotal suspended solid
VSSPhysical quantityvoliatile suspended solids
PreservativesCode listpreservative
NO3Physical quantityNitrate concentration (ug/l)
NH4Physical quantityammonium-nitrogen
TNPhysical quantityTotal N concentration (ug/l)
SRPPhysical quantitySoluble reactive phosphate
TPPhysical quantityTotal P concentration (ug/l)
DOCPhysical quantityDissolved Organic Carbon
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