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RecYearPhysical quantityYear of record
DayofYearPhysical quantityDay of the year
ObsNominal3-letter initials of observer
TransectIDNominalTransect code
PointPhysical quantityPoint in transect (1-5)
utmxPhysical quantityGPS coordinates (UTM; x)
utmyPhysical quantityGPS coordinates (UTM; y)
FramePointPhysical quantityFrame Point (1-12)
PCTgrassPhysical quantityGrass coverage
PCTforbPhysical quantityForb coverage
PCTshrubPhysical quantityShrub coverage
PCTbarePhysical quantityBare coverage
PCTlitterPhysical quantityLitter coverage
litDepthPhysical quantitylitter depth
vorPTPhysical quantityVOR point (1-4)
VORPhysical quantityVisual Obstruction Reading
ElevationPhysical quantityElevation
AspectNominalCardinal direction
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