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RecYearPhysical quantityYear of observation
IDNominalunique identifier for each soil sample
IslandNominalidentifies which shrub island the soil sample came from
locationNominalindicates which sampling location within each island that the soil sample came from
total_INPhysical quantityconcentration of extractable inorganic nitrogen (microgramNitrogenPerGramSoil)
mbcPhysical quantityconcentration of microbial biomass carbon (micogramCarbonPerGramSoil)
shrub_sizePhysical quantityareal cover of shrub island (metersSquared)
neighbor_distPhysical quantitydistance between the canopy edge and the nearest shrub's edge (meter)
PPhysical quantityconcentration of Mehlich-3 extractable phosphorus (microgramPhosphorusPerGramSoil)
OMPhysical quantityconcentration of organic matter
total_NPhysical quantitytotal concentration of nitrogen (percent)
total_CPhysical quantitytotal concentration of carbon (percent)
BGPhysical quantitypotential activity of the β-glucosidase enzyme (nanomolePerGramOrganicMatterPerHour)
PHOSPhysical quantitypotential activity of the phosphatase enzyme (nanomolePerGramOrganicMatterPerHour)
NAGPhysical quantitypotential activity of the N-acetyl-glucosaminidase enzyme (nanomolePerGramOrganicMatterPerHour)
LAPPhysical quantitypotential activity of the leucine-aminopeptidase enzyme (nanomolePerGramOrganicMatterPerHour)
mbnPhysical quantityconcentration of microbial biomass nitrogen (microgramNitrogenPerGramSoil)
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