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IDNominalUnique identifier for each sample
RoundPhysical quantityIdentifies during which experimental round measurements were taken
RecMonthPhysical quantityIdentifies during which month of the experimental phase measurements were taken
PlantLegacyNominalIdentifies which plant species conditioned the soil during the conditioning phase (smooth = Bromus inermis, west = Pascopyrum smithii)
CurrentPlantNominalIdenties which plant species was growing in the soil at the time of measurement (smooth = Bromus inermis; west = Pascopyrum smithii; none = no plant)
AGPhysical quantityAboveground biomass of the plant growing in the pot
BGPhysical quantityBelowground biomass of the plant growing in the pot
TotalCarbonPhysical quantityTotal concentration of soil carbon (milligramsPerGramSoil)
TotalNitrogenPhysical quantityTotal concentration of soil nitrogen (milligramsPerGramSoil)
NH4Physical quantityConcentration of soil ammonium (milligramsPerGramSoil)
NO3Physical quantityConcentration of soil nitrate (milligramsPerGramSoil)
MBCPhysical quantityConcentration of microbial biomass carbon (milligramsPerGramSoil)
TotalCO2Physical quantityTotal belowground CO2 captured during the 24-hour assay (microgramsPerGramSoilPerDay)
SoilCO2Physical quantityCO2 attributable to the breakdown of SOM (standardized by soil C, microgramsPerGramSoilCarbonPerDay)
RootCO2Physical quantityCO2 attributable to root respiration or the breakdown of root-derived C (standardized by pot, milligramsPerPotPerDay)
RichnessPhysical quantityNumber of unique bacterial OTUs in the pot
EvennessPhysical quantityEvenness of the bacterial community in the pot
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