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RecTypePhysical quantityrecord type
intermediate_axisPhysical quantitylength of intermediate axis of slope block
long_axisPhysical quantitylength of long axis of slope block
surface_weatheringPhysical quantity% of total surface of block occupied by pitting features
block_dipPhysical quantitythe inclination of the block on the hillslope
distance_from_cliffPhysical quantitydistance of block downslope from the modern cliff face
stabilityNominalclassification on if block movement was caused by the push of a human foot (s= block doesn’t move when force is applied by foot | u = block moves when forece is applied by foot)
burialNominalclassification on if a block as embedded in the hillslope soil or was sitting on the surface (y = block is embedded in surface | n = block is sitting on the hillslope surface)
burial_typeNominalclassification of if a block was embedded how the soil is distributed around the block (all = block is embedded in surface soil on all sides of block | us = block is embedded in surface soil on only the upslope side of blocks| ds = block is embedded in surface soil only on the downslope side of soil)
shapeNominalclassification of overall block shape (b = block is "block" or cubic shaped | t = block is tile or plate shaped | u = unknown shape)
veg_coverNominalclassification of the vegetation cover of the hillslope (g = grassland| f = forest | t = transition between forest and grassland)
transect_numPhysical quantityThe call number of the transect
latitudePhysical quantitylatitute of slope survey transect head
longitutePhysical quantitylongitude of slope transect head
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