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RecTypePhysical quantityRecord type
Plot_2017NominalPlot designation in 2017, after irrigation lines were shifted
CurrentNominalTreatment in 2017, after irrigation lines were shifted.
PositionNominalLandscape position in the upland or lowland
ReplicateNominalIrrigation line: (A) started in 1991, (B) started in 1993
Replicate_edNominalIrrigation lines as in 'Replicate', but divided into uplands and lowlands to yield spatial 'blocks'
Transect_1993NominalPrevious treatment (1991-2016)
Plot_1993NominalPlot designation 1991-2017, before irrigation lines were shifted. Plots that are currently in the reduced (R) treatment did not have plot numbers during this time
Plot_1992NominalPlot designations in 1992, while second irrigation line was being added. These plot designations are not typically used
Date_collectedDate/timeDate of soil collection
Date_enzymesNominalDate enzyme assays were conducted
BatchPhysical quantityBatch samples were run in
WetPhysical quantityWet wt of soil sample used
GWCPhysical quantityGravimetric water content: field water content in grams water gram soil after drying overnight at 105 degrees C.
Dry_wetPhysical quantityDry/wet conversion
PhosPhysical quantityActivity of phosphatase (nmol/gDrySoil/h)
BGPhysical quantityActivity of B-glucosidase (nmol/gDrySoil/h)
NAGPhysical quantityActivity of N-acetylglucosaminidase (nmol/gDrySoil/h)
CBHPhysical quantityActivity of cellobiohydrolasen(nmol/gDrySoil/h)
LAPPhysical quantityActivity of leucyl aminopeptidase (nmol/gDrySoil/h)
cndemandPhysical quantitylog(BG) / (log(NAG) + log(LAP))
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