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initial_dateDate/timedate initial soil cores were taken and incubated cores were buried
DOYPhysical quantityDay of Year
CurrentNominalTreatment in 2017, after irrigation lines were shifted.
PositionNominalLandscape position in the upland or lowland
Transect_1993NominalPrevious treatment (1991-2016)
Replicate_edNominalIrrigation lines as in 'Replicate', but divided into uplands and lowlands to yield spatial 'blocks'
nh4ppm_soil_initPhysical quantityNH4-N concentration in soil
nh4ppm_soil_finalPhysical quantityNH4-N concentration in soil
no3ppm_soil_initPhysical quantityNO3-N concentration in soil
no3ppm_soil_finalPhysical quantityNO3-N concentration in soil
minrate_dailyPhysical quantityNet N mineralization rate (micrograms N / gram soil / day)
nitrifrate_dailyPhysical quantityNet nitrification rate (micrograms N / gram soil / day)
minratedaily_yeoPhysical quantityYeo-johnson transformed net N min rate (lambda = -0.15)
nitrifratedaily_yeoPhysical quantityYeo-johnson transformed net nitrif rate (lambda = -0.25)
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