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RecYearPhysical quantityYear of sample
plotPhysical quantitydenotes the plot number
transectPhysical quantitydenotes the transect number within a plot
distdistPhysical quantitydenotes the subplot location within a transect.
spcodePhysical quantitydenotes an internal numerical code assigned to each unique species
genNominaldenotes the species’ genus
specNominaldenotes the species’ species
trtNominaldenotes the three treatments
coverclassPhysical quantitydenotes the cover class of the species, where 1=0 to 1% cover, 2=1 to 5% cover, 3=5 to 25% cover, 4=25 to 50% cover, 5=50 to 75% cover, 6=75% to 95% cover, and 7=95 to 100% cover.
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