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GIS00 GIS Coverages Defining the Site Boundary of Konza Prairie (1977-present)


This dataset contains the boundary polygon of the Konza Prairie Biological Station (KPBS). Data type one (GIS000) defines the original KPBS boundary used from 1977 until 1982, type two contains the extended boundary from 1982 (GIS001) to 1997, and type three (GIS002) contains the boundary since 1997. These data are available as zipped (.zip) shapefiles (.shp).

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Information relevant to the GIS data encoding

This coverage contains the boundary polygon of KPBS between 1977 and 1982.Horizontal Coordinate System Name:Transverse Mercator

Datum: D North American 1983
Reference Ellipsoid: Name: GRS 1980 Semi Axis: 6378137.0
Meridian: Greenwich
Projection Name : Transverse Mercator

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