Ammodramus savannarum

CBS04 Sweep sample data: prey estimates for Grasshopper Sparrows on Konza Prairie


This data set includes data on the contents of sweep samples. We collected sweeps in select years during May, June, and/or July in 3 locations on each of the focal watersheds. Sweeps were 80m long and centered at veg points. Data consist of information about the sampling events, and sample wet mass, edible mass (combined mass of selected orders listed below). Additionally, the dataset includes the number of individuals in each of a series of size categories, total N, and mass (in grams) of the following groups: Tettigoniidae, Acrididae, other Orthoptera, Gryllidae, Odonata, Ephemeroptera, Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Arachnida, Hemiptera, Neuroptera, Diptera, Phasmatidae, Mantidae, and “other”.

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Location of Sampling Stations: 3 locations on each of the focal watersheds.

Frequency of Sampling: Monthly in May, June and July.

Variable Measured: Information about the sampling events, sample wet mass, edible mass, number of individuals in each of a series of size categories, total N, and mass.

Codes Used:
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ADT: Alaina Thomas; AJH: Alex Henry; ALL: Ashley Lysaught; AMC: Amanda Charpinel; ASS: Amie Sommers; BJR: Breyana Ramsey; CES: Chelsea Sink; CRW: Caitie Weichmann; DJS: Dylan Smith; EGS: Emily Samuel; EJW: Emily Williams; ENS: Elizabeth Sroor; HN: Hunter Nedland; JMG: Jackie Gehrt; JMM: Jerusha Matthews; JNB: Jordann Baker; KMS: Katy Silber; LAG: Logan Green; LVO: Logan VanOverschelde; MKW: MaryJane Wilcox; MMS: Meredith Schmidt; MDR: Miriam Reynaldo; SVR: Suzy Replogle Curnutt; VTN: Valerie Nyguyen;
0 - Calm Calm, smoke rises vertically
1 - Light Air Smoke drift indicates wind direction,
2 - Light Breeze Wind felt on face, leaves rustle, vanes begin to move
3 - Gentle Breeze Leaves and small twigs constantly moving, light flags extended
4 - Moderate Breeze Dust, leaves, and loose paper lifted, small tree branches move
5 - Fresh Breeze Small trees in leaf begin to sway
6 - Strong Breeze Larger tree branches moving, whistling in wires
7 - Near Gale Whole trees moving, resistance felt walking against wind

Taxonomy Group Size Class:
1 - (<5 mm)
2 - (5 ~15 mm)
3 - (15 ~25 mm)
4 - (25 ~35 mm)
5 - (35 ~45 mm)
6 - (>45 mm)

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