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CGR05 Effects of fire frequency on composition of grasshopper assemblages (1983)


Sweep samples were taken for grasshoppers (Acrididae) at two sites for each of 14 Konza Prairie LTER watersheds. Samples are taken in late July to early August. At each site on each occasion, 10 sets of 20 sweeps (200 sweeps total) are taken. Stored data include for each site on each occasion: total number of each species (all instars combined) collected and total number for each instar for each species (200 sweeps combined).

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Compare species compositions of grasshopper assemblages in August on areas burned at different frequencies.


Location of Sampling Stations: All sites on upland (Florence and Dwight-Irwin) soils (1983).

Frequency of Sampling: 20 samples of 20 sweeps each (400 sweeps total) were taken at each of the 20 sites.

Variable Measured: Date, location, species

Methods: Sweeps were taken with canvas beating nets 38 cm in diameter. Four individuals took 100 sweeps each at each site. A sweep was taken at each step by traversing an arc of 180o with the net through the top layer of vegetation. After 20 such sweeps, the contents of the net were emptied into plastic bags. These samples were frozen until grasshoppers were removed and identified.

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