Daubenmire frame

CBS05 Estimates of vegetation structure and composition collected on Konza Prairie watersheds and on the nearby Rannell’s Preserve


Data set includes estimates of vegetation structure and composition collected during ~monthly sampling events on Konza Prairie watersheds and on the nearby Rannell’s Preserve. Vegetation data were collected from three (prior to 2017) or 10 randomly-selected locations on each watershed; two from outside the 10-ha plot (see project abstract) and one inside the plot. We sampled vegetation on each watershed once a month, during May, June, and July. Additional vegetation data were collected from bird nest sites within ~3 days of nests failing. We used 5 sets of Daubenmire frame measures to determine percent cover of major plant functional groups (at the center of the plot and 5 m from center at the 4 cardinal directions). We estimated visual obstruction by placing a Robel Pole in the middle, and 5 m from the middle of the plot in each of the 4 cardinal directions. For each pole placement, we stood 4 m away with eye 1 m above the ground in each of 4 directions, and counting the highest 5-cm segment not completely obscured by vegetation. At nests, we also estimated the slope and aspect in the center of each plot. 

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Core Areas: 

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Location of Sampling Stations: Konza watersheds and nearby Rannell’s Preserve.
Frequency of Sampling: ~Monthly.

Codes Used:
Observer    Full name
ADC    Austin Carter
ADT    Alaina D Thomas
AJH    Alex J Henry
AJM    Andrew Mayer
ALW    Aja L Wong
AMC    Amanda Moraes Charpinel
ASS    Amie S. Sommers
BJR    Breyana J Ramsey
BNP    Blair Pfeifer
BRR    Braiam R Rosado
CES    Chelsea E Sink
CRW    Caitie Weichmann
DBW    Danny Wells
DCA    Dakota C Allen
DCS    Darrien C Savage
DDH    Destiney D Hett
DJS    Dylan J Smith
ECB    Emma Blackwood
EJW    Emily J Williams
ENS    (Elizabeth) Liz N. Sroor
ETH    Edwin T Harris
HCM    Henry Castro-Miller
HN    Hunter Nedland
JLG    Joanna Gresham
JMG    Jackie M Gehrt
JMS    Joseph Schmit
JN    Jessica Nyguyen
KAU    Kailyn Underwood
KET    Katelyn E Thompson
KJP    Kevin J Perozeni
KLK    Kristin Kersten
KMS    Katy M. Silber
LTA    Lauren T Angermayer
MDR    Miriam Reynaldo
MKW    Mary Kate Wilcox
MLG    Michaela L Gustafson
MRB    Maddie R. Ball
MW    Mariel Winnerman
NAB    Natasha A Bergevine
NAW    Nathalie Wright
RCD    Ryan Donnelly
SKW    Sarah K Winnicki
SVR    Suzy V Replogle Curnutt
VRG    Victoria Gaa

Veg Plot Location:
Center Center of point
N North of point
E East of point
S South of point
W West of point

For additional metadata information see: http://lter.konza.ksu.edu/sites/default/files/DC.pdf
For additional methods information see: http://lter.konza.ksu.edu/sites/default/files/MM.pdf

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