AWE01 Meteorological data from the konza prairie headquarters weather station


The following weather data are included in this data set: hourly: mean temperature, mean relative humidity, mean wind speed, total precipitation total solar radiation, wind direction, max wind speed (sampled on the hour; record type 1) ; daily: mean, maximum and minimum air temperature, relative humidity, total precipitation, total solar radiation; mean, maximum and minimum soil temperature, average wind speed (sampled at midnight; record type 2). These data are collectecd by a micrologger at headquarters on Konza Prairie.

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Monitor meteorological parameters in tallgrass prairie on a long term basis.


Location of Sampling Stations: Headquarters weather station (grid C-16).

Frequency of Sampling: Continuous sampling at headquarters weather station.

Variable Measured:

  1. Air temperature at 2 m (oC)
  2. Relative humidity at 2 m (%)
  3. Total solar radiation down (0.3-3.0 m, cal cm-2 min-1)
  4.  Wind speed at 3 m (ms-1)
  5. Wind direction at 3 m (degrees)
  6. Precipitation (mm)
  7. Soil temperature at 25 cm (started June 1992)


A Campbell Scientific (CR-10) data logger continuously monitors air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed, soil temperature, precipitation, and wind direction. A microprocessor in the CR-10 manipulates the raw data and outputs the average air temperature, soil temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, total precipitation, and the sampled wind direction on 5 minute and hourly intervals. Every 24 hours daily maximum, minimum, and average air temperatures, soil temperatures, relative humidity, and solar radiation are output. The CR-10 data is accessed every 15 minutes via wireless internet. Campbell Scientificss Loggernet and SAS software format and output data to AWE011 (hourly) and AWE012 (daily) final storage locations and prepare graphics for web viewing.

Missing data are signified with a blank.

Routine Maintenance: Weather station bi-monthly checks include:

  1. Pyranometer check for level, dust accumulation, or other obstruction
  2. Relative humidity dust shield check
  3. Bearing check on anemometer and wind direction sensor
  4. Check tipping bucket rain gage for debris

Biyearly maintenance includes:

  1. Calibration of li200x pyranometer
  2. Replace bearings and reed switch in anemometer and bearings in wind direction sensor

Summary of All Changes:

  1. Program execution interval was changed from 60 seconds to 10 on 7/17/00. This change could significantly influence values reported for max wind speed. Caution should be used when comparing max wind speeds across this date.
  2. Solar radiation collected prior to 7/19/00 is recorded in Langleys.
  3. 7/14/00 maximum daily wind speed location was changed to average wind speed.
  4. Hourly ppt. not precise and removed after 1/1/00. All AWE01 ppt data is collected via tipping bucket. APT01 data should be used for more accurate precipitation values.
  5. Soil Temperature data unavailable from 2001 to August 12, 2008 and December 7, 2009 to May 21, 2010.

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